How to install Windows 11

You can remove the pendrive as it’s not required anymore. After a long while, Microsoft announced their newest version of Windows which is Windows 11. The minimum requirements however to be able to upgrade to Windows 11 are stricter and not all hardware can meet these requirements. “Your PC does not meet the minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11,” says the Microsoft warning when any device does not support Windows 11. However, if you have a computer that does not meet these new conditions, you can still try to run Windows 11 with a workaround and/or a virtual machine.

Nothing wrong with continuing to use Windows 10. Windows 10 will still be fully supported through most of 2025. However, after running this script, we could install the latest Windows 11 preview build without a problem.

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Windows 11 will automatically be installed and configured Read more. Run the just-downloaded Windows 11 Installation Assistant executable file. If you’re already enrolled, you can skip to Step 8.

  • One of the more useful features in Windows 11, at least for day-to-day work, is the new Snap Groups that will let you arrange more than just two apps in a set of preselected layouts.
  • This is an inferior quality format because the image looks blocky and the colors are not 100% accurate.
  • You can choose where it saves the image, but that’s about it in terms of actual options, but it’s a quick and simple way for the AMD faithful to capture screenshots.
  • It may contain one or more popup windows overlapped to each other while the Alt + PtrScr button captures only the currently open widow over the screen.

Moreover, it’s a portable program that can be downloaded on a flash disk and executed without the need for installation. Microsoft has included the Snipping Tool since Windows Vista and it is one of the easiest ways to take a screenshot in Windows. For Windows 11 users, check out our guide on How to Screenshot in Windows 11. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers may change without notice. Price protection, price matching or price guarantees do not apply to Intra-day, Daily Deals or limited-time promotions.

What is Windows 11 SE?

But if you do so, you do it at your own risk, as you might see more bugs and problems than you normally would with a beta test. Don’t worry—if that happens, you can always revert to Windows 10, but you may lose some data and programs along the way. To avoid any mishaps, make sure all your files are backed up and safely secured somewhere else before trying out Windows 11. While the majority of testers have reported the preview edition of the operating system is mostly stable, using any beta software comes with its own risks.

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3 – Takes a screenshot of any open window of your choice. To get the Snip & Sketch app, head over to the Microsoft Store on your PC, search for “Snip & Sketch,” and proceed to update the app. That will automatically update your Snipping Tool with all of the added benefits of the Snip & Sketch app. But if you find all of this to be a hassle, there is a better alternative to these methods.

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